Bumps in the road

I waited patiently, 12 weeks…16 weeks…18 weeks…really no discernible sign of the illusive baby bump – as kindly pointed out by so many people (Oh really, yes, now that you point it out it does appear as if I have completely invented this pregnancy! Thank you for drawing attention to this fact!). However the general feeling of chubbiness did kindly increase (again – people pointing out that I wasn’t showing at all…are you just saying I’ve always had a paunch?! I’d like to remind you I actually had quite a flat stomach before all this!!). And then…oh joy of joys, over the space of a week, the little one decided to pop out to say hello! In the weeks before and around this I’d been beginning to feel butterfly in the stomach type movements and then even some noticeable pokes in the belly – yay!



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