Half way there

After a lovely 18 week appointment with my midwife – hearing the parasite’s lovely strong heartbeat, finding out I don’t have any odd diseases or issues with blood pressure or iron AND that I have the most common blood type (I am a bit common really!), it was nice to look forward to our 20 week scan to check everything was alright.

There’s always a bit of trepidation when going to the ‘anomaly scan’ and I wanted to check the little one is growing alright (a minor concern I had due to my miniature bump) but it was also nice to look forward to see the squirmer again! Will had decided we were definitely not finding out the sex (!), although it was tempting!

For our last scan we waited 2 hours and, having been told I needed to come with a full bladder, once finally seen, I was promptly dismissed to the toilet as my bladder was in fact ‘far too full’ (can’t win), so this time I learnt from my mistakes – I signed in and then disappeared to the loo only to come back to find Will and the sonographer and ready and waiting for me! Never mind – this sonographer was so lovely and talked us through everything. Amusingly, mid-way though explaining about some scienctifical what-not, she fell slightly off her chair and almost on top of me! Much chuckling obviously ensued! Anyway, as a result she gave us loads of extra pictures free and it was a generally lovely appointment.

The squidger has all the correct body parts and all the various sections of the heart and umbilical cord that it needs. It’s growth is perfectly where she expected so no need for me (or anyone else) to worry! AND we discovered the reason why my bump has been so illusive – my uterus is apparently very far back, so lots of growth has had to be done inside my body before even beginning to show on the outside! Sorry to disappoint those who are super keen to see a huge bump, but always good to know the reason why and that everything is ok! All in good time.ImageImage


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