Bits and bobs

A very exciting treat to find in my pigeon hole at work this week – beautifully hand knitted bunny booties from the very kind Mrs Jenny Bruins! What a gem! (The blue is not a clue, we don’t know the sex of the baby…)


A bit of a growth spurt over the past couple of weeks I think. Been feeling as tired as I did in my first trimester! Please let it be just because of a growth spurt anyway – I’ve been enjoying the energy and general overall normality of the 2nd trimester too much for it to be over already!

2014-05-07 22.10.22

Also loads of kicks and fidgeting from baby Attila (Will’s new name for the squidger, infinitely preferable to ‘the parasite’ or ‘Albondigas’…)  at less predictable times of the day, feels like pop corn in my belly! The little one definitely reacts to touch now too which is fun and I’ve felt definitive feet shaped lumps kicking out of the side of my belly, usually just as I’m trying to get to sleep! I’m very grateful to my kind friend Charlotte’s loan of her HUGE U-shaped pregnancy pillow – bed time is literally heaven (even if Will does refer to it as me ‘crawling into my huge buttocks’)…delightful!





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