The final stretch…

2014-06-14 21.25.12

At 30 weeks, only 10 weeks to go (although 2 months and 1 week until due date – I don’t understand how that works!)

Atila is moving ALL THE TIME. Obviously it’s wonderful, however, the combined kicking of the ribs/ getting feet stuck behind the ribs and headbutting the bladder can be a little uncomfortable!! It does tell us though that the little one is in a great position at the moment, head down – just to stay like that for a couple more months now! We’ve seen some fun Loch ness monster type movements across my belly and some distinctive feet and elbows (can’t yet count the toes, but who knows!). Atila’s feet being wedged up by my ribs does make bending and sitting a little difficult … my recent trip to the midwife showed that my bump was exactly 29cm at 29 weeks (exactly what it should be) and an awesome strong heartbeat, so it’s all good at the moment!



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