All credit to Mark Rose – one of a selection of lovely photos at a recent wedding 🙂

It feels like I’ve been pregnant for AGES! It’s very strange looking back at my bump photos and seeing how much I’ve changed, although I am still very grateful that I’m not huge (yet)! I can’t really believe it but I haven’t really had any bad side effects in this final trimester, even in the heat, (so far) the swollen hands and feet have evaded me and I’ve only had a couple of instances of leg cramp.

I’m regularly properly amazed at how awe inspiring the thing that’s going on inside of me is! I love the thought that our little one already knows our voices and we’ve bonded already, before I even know his/her face! Even more than that, I love that my heavenly Dad already knows the number of hairs are on his/ her head (and let’s face it, there will probably be quite a few!) and He already has exciting plans, gifts and talents laid out for my little one – I’m so glad it’s not just down to me! I am so thankful for this beautiful creation and that everything has been straightforward so far.

Atila is moving quite violently and regularly at the moment, which is amusing if you catch it wriggling like an alien (it’s crazy that it’s just a layer of skin etc that it separating us at the moment!) however not so fun when it involves kicking me in the rib, kneeing me in the stomach or headbutting me in the bladder – but still amazing! I haven’t had any Braxton Hicks contractions yet and I don’t feel like we’ll be shouting ‘Thundercats are Go’ any time soon so I’m settling in for a few long weeks of waiting. I’m enjoying it so far though with lovely catch-ups with friends, a nap most days and the chance to get bits and bobs ready.


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