I can’t believe it’s taken me over a week to pull this together – although I’m grateful that it means I’ve been busy and distracted from the waiting game and this week has actually gone pretty quickly!

To mark week 37 last Sunday (officially full term!) an amazing team of ladies pulled together a little gathering to celebrate all things girly and baby related (cake was obviously a key feature). I’m so grateful to Rachel Tiffen, Carly Butler and Emma Brough for organising things and for all the lovely ladies who made me feel so special, especially Lucy, Tyra, Katherine and Kate who came all the way from ‘home’ and Penny who represented the Wimborne crew 🙂 It’s feeling more and more real each day!

Here are some fun pics – lots of joy, games and food!






Quiz time!


Too many lovely things – I am so grateful 🙂


Design a baby grow competition – Belle’s group won (clever tactics ladies!)






The beautiful grand-mummies


Guess the size of the bump game…



Harriet’s was big enough for the two of us!  


but Rachel’s was perfect – the expert in action!






One very pampered (almost) mummy.


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