Worth the wait

It would appear that the opportunities to sit down with 2 hands available to update the blog are less forthcoming than I might have thought! But a week later, probably a little less emotional, here’s Finn’s first day (be prepared for Too Much Information – read on at your own risk!).

After going in to the hospital to be checked out the midwife told us that Sunday and Monday’s induction lists were very long and that it might be worth going for that night (Saturday 6th September) while it was quieter. Although a part of me had wanted to wait until at least Sunday, the thought of having to wait until Tuesday felt a bit too much! We decided to go for it (luckily we’d packed everything in the car just in case).

There was a lot of waiting around involved but eventually I was given a pessary at 11pm and I sent Will home to sleep as they said they’d check up on me 6 hours later. This would be the point of no return (!) – if I haven’t made any progress by this point I’d have had to have a 2nd intervention (another pessary or breaking my waters) which would have meant I couldn’t use the pool. However, after trying to sleep for a couple of hours with a snoring lady in the bed next to me, I started feeling some constant pain, asked the midwife to put the TENS machine on for me and then soon after that my waters went naturally. I called Will to come in and when he arrived I was checked out again and at least 5 litres of waters appeared – where was that all hiding?! The midwife said I could use the pool room and went off to get this ready as the contractions were definitely getting more intense.

The midwife was great, she read my birth plan and really respected my wishes. I got straight on the gas and air – which felt so weird – and teamed with the tens machine and v.heavy breathing, the contractions didn’t feel too bad to start with. I did realise there was going to be none of this ‘One Born Every Minute’ slow progression of contractions with banter in-between, I just zoned out and (a bit difficultly for Will) I just didn’t want anyone to talk to me or touch me during contractions. In-between though Will was soooo encouraging and my hero!

I loved being in the pool – it did help with the pain but the gas and air tank near the pool was slightly less powerful and at one point I didn’t really use it as I thought it wasn’t doing anything!! I had to get out of the pool for a couple of hours at one point as my contractions slowed down (too relaxing!) but I was really pleased that I Finn was actually born in the water. My contractions had slowed down towards the end again and the midwife was beginning to say I needed to get out again – I was NOT up for this, so with one final push Finn’s head arrived. At this point I shared an important revelation…”I’m really hungry”, the midwives suggested maybe with have this baby first 🙂 so that was a 12 hour process which resulted in the most precious thing. Unfortunately, after avoiding the drugs throughout the birth, I had to go off to surgery to sort out a boarder-line 3rd degree tear, but that was after lots of skin to skin and a good feed and Will was able to then have some of his own skin to skin time and embrace the joys of giving a new-born a vitamin K shot whilst I was gone!!

Will was truly amazing even though it was the most terrifying he’d ever been through, especially feeling so helpless. I later read an article about some mums who had felt totally let down by their partners during birth and that it had really negatively affected their relationship, I can definitely say that is the completely opposite of my experience I’ve never been so in love with that man and our precious little family.

First pic





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