Preparing body…

Pregnancy_Pilates_2I’ve been going to Aquanatal @ Oasis centre at QA hospital again, which has been a good way to keep me moving, but I’ve found very little time/motivation for much else. I have had a strange pain from my lower back down my left leg (which Will and I lovingly refer to as ‘my gammy bum-cheek’!) so I know I need to do something like pilates again. This week I finally managed to do the great Prenatal Pilates workout I found on Youtube last time which I’m also hoping will give me a bit more strength in my legs & arms – feel soooo weak, boy is sooooo heavy – and maintain some core strength to help with post-baby tum!
I’m also keen to do some (non-weirdy spiritual) yoga too this time as I enjoyed the relaxation and mindfulness side of the Pilates course I took part in with Finn and I know this is often found within yoga sessions (plus awesome flexibility work and birth positions).There is a great local yoga centre which does pregnancy yoga classes, but at the moment they’re at too awkward a time to work around with Finn (and I can’t quite bring myself to pay over double what I pay for Aquanatal! Maybe during the summer holidays, at the end of my pregnancy…). So I’ve been investigating youtube options again, I think I like the look of this one– I’ll let you know how I get on with it!


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