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One word…Hypnobirthing. (Well actually Natal Hypnotherapy is the brand I’ve been using).

I’ve always been interested in the idea that we can try and train our brains to deal with the pain of child-birth and had been a member of the Positive Birth Movement on facebook (the idea of which is to flood each other’s pregnancies with only positive stories and words of affirmation to reduce any element of fear surrounding birth) so when Will mentioned hypnobirthing (recommended by Tom Feltcher from McFly of course! They were expecting Buzz at the same time as we were expecting Finn), I looked into it and thought it looked great! I decided I didn’t want to fork out for actual hypnobirthing sessions but bought a CD to listen to whenever I had the chance. I started listening to in a couple of times a week from about 25 weeks with Finn and once the summer holidays hit (35ish weeks) I listened to it every day!

I think it was super helpful. I didn’t have any fear going into birth and was actually excited to do this amazing thing which my body was designed for! During Finn’s birth, I have to say, I didn’t actually use many of the strategies given on the CDs (e.g. imagining being on a beach or using a pain dial to turn down the pain) but I think all that preparation and breathing practice meant that general positive thinking and calmness came so naturally when actually in the moment – I went into my own little world a lot during the birth and didn’t shout or yell etc. I only have positive memories of my birth – in fact, I’ve walked past the ward where I gave birth a couple of times recently and only have warm, fuzzy, empowering memories!! Wow – isn’t the mind a powerful thing!

So, in short – I’ll definitely be doing my hypnotherapy practice again this time, and hopefully Will and I will be able to listen to them a bit more together so that we can try and apply some of the phrases and positive suggestions a bit more actively this time round.

Now I’ve also started to think about a home-birth…! But that’s a subject for next time 🙂

Natal hypnotherapy


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